Cyprus is Greek island! Around 3000 years ago, the Greeks came to the uninhabited island of Cyprusto give is some enrichment, some life! After the Greeks had lots of success giving great glory to Cyprus, the Phoenicians saw and joined in! Eventualy, over great peaceful times, the Romans conquered, then the Byzantines got the island after their independence and it prospered! The Arabs and Byzantines shared the island until Franks conquered it and Cyprus stayed under this awful oppression for a while before being taken by the Venetians and oppressed once more. Then, the Turkish hordes came. Slaughtered so many people and colonised the poor island! Eventually, the British came. The British were much more humane however it cannot be said that they didn't oppress the Cypriots. In 1955, a freedom fight against the British happened. The aim was to unify cyprus with Greece, the request from the majority of Cypriots. Although the Cypriots won the war, they didntt get what they wanted and only got independence. This new state was quite unstable due to Turkish terrorism. Turkey fabricated lies against the Cypriots and invaded. There was so much ethnic cleansing by Nazi Turkey, it's unbelievable!